Current & Upcoming Classes

American Sign Language, Fall & Spring 2018-19  Planet Homeschool

A World History of Revolution, Spring 2018, Planet Homeschool

CLEP Test Prep, Fall 2017, Planet Homeschool

Space Travel & You, Fall & Spring 2017-18, Planet Homeschool

Fantasy Writing, Fall 2017, Planet Homeschool

Past Classes

High Altitude Balloon Physics

This is probably my single favorite class to teach. Once every two years or so, after learning the relevant physics, a group of students and I stick a GoPro, a GPS device, an altimeter, a thermometer and our hopes and dreams on an 8-foot wide weather balloon and send it up into the ether. It travels up to about 95,000 feet. We track it, recover it and make a video from the footage it captures from near-space. 

Other Past Classes

American Sign Language; Human Geography; Architecture of the City (A Walking Workshop); Novel Writing; Essay Writing; Fantasy Writing, Middle School Physics; High School Biology;  A World History of 1968; Essay Writing; Contemporary Moral Problems